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Why Ekcheo?

Ekcheo specializes in custom-created and high quality video marketing campaigns. In the fast paced age of social media, Ekcheo offers a quick turn around time for engaging pieces of content. Additionally, we offer packages and ongoing integrated video creation to continuosly engage customers and drive business.


Video Products

Custom Video Creation

No one video fits all business's goals or budget. We've created a questionaire to help get you started. Use the button below to fill out the questionaire and we'll contact you with the best solution! Or mix and match from the options below. 

Note: Packaging videos (doing two or more) is a great way to get the most value.

Corporate Overview

A corporate overview utilizes the powerful medium of video to tell your story, send a message, and ultimately grow your business. Whether you keep it on your website, or blast it out using email and facebook, a corporate overview is a must have! 

Customer Testimonial

Hearing from a customer first hand is a powerful tool in business. Ekcheo specializes in turning a positive customer experience into an effective marketing message.  Use a customer testimonial to create more new and excited customers.

Product Spotlight

A Product Spotlight video is highly effective in engaging, educating, and exciting your customer base about particular products and offerings. Use product spotlights to inform large audiences in ways that can't be done using traditional text or 2D design


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