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Its no secret: Ekcheo and HiViz LED Lighting's FireTech brand are closely related.  Ekcheo is a partnership between Sam and Kaoma Massa (Owners of HiViz LED Lighting), and video advertising expert Micah Klein.

In 2018, Micah Klein joined team FireTech to help bolster their multimedia department and leverage video production to reach their intended target audiences.  As the business grew, and the reach of the FireTech brand was realized, Micah and Sam recognized the opportunity to help other companies in the space with their video marketing needs.

Ekcheo's mission is to bring voluminous high-quality video production to companies looking to gain an edge in their advertising, without having to contract with large firms who deliver sub-par results.  Ekcheo shoots on the latest and greatest tech the filmmaking industry has to offer, mixes it with a young, energetic and professional twist, and can help catapult your brand in to your customer's arms with a few strategic shots and a bit of strategy.

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